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Refund Policy:

Pre-Season Refunds: For more than 1-Week before the season starts, we are able to refund for full season costs, minus a 5% Processing fee (this processing fee is paid to the credit card processor company, we are only able to refund the net registration you paid). If you are requesting a refund for registration less than a week before the start of the season, we are able to refund 50% of the registration costs. This is because of the significant time and effort that goes into planning the season and putting the best teams together, as possible. When a player backs out from the season so close to the start date, this decision effects the whole team.

In-Season Refunds: We do not provide refunds after the season has started. This is because after teams are set and practices start, the team is relying on their teammates. 

Uniform Policy:

We update our uniform design on the Summer season. Players will need to purchase a uniform before summer seasons, however can wear this same uniform during the fall season. 

Player/ Parent/ Coach Communication Policy:

We believe that it is important to give our players an open forum to communicate any concerns (playing time, questions, treatment, etc) to their coaches. We standby the fact that in a Travel Club, it is on the player (rather than the Parent) to communicate concerns to Coaches. 

Elementary Player/ Coach Communication: At the elementary age, we ask that the Program Director, Coach, Player, and Parent are involved in the conversation. Program Director and Parent are in supportive roles, while coach and player are communicating.

Middle and High School Player/ Coach Communication: At this age, both the Program Director and the Parent steps out of the conversations. We ask parents to support their players, and encourage them to have a healthy dialogue with coaches. Coaches and Players should have 1v1 conversations addressing any concerns or creating a plan to get the player to his/her goals. If a coach is uncomfortable providing an answer (whether he/she might not know the answer, or feel it is not in their authority to give an answer), the Coach may ask the Program Director to be involved in the conversation. 

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